The Married Virgin

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The Married Virgin ★★ 1918

One of the earliest films in which Valentino appeared in a featured role prior to “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and “The Sheik.” Count Roberto di Fraccini (Valentino) is a fortune hunter having an affair with Ethel Spencer McMillan (Kirkham), wife of wealthy older businessman Fiske McMillan (Jobson). After the couple unsuccessfully plot to blackmail McMillan, the Count tells his lover's daughter, Mary (Sisson), that in return for her hand in marriage (and her dowry), he will save her father from a life in prison. 71m/B DVD . Rudolph Valentino, Kathleen Kirkham, Edward Jobson, Vera Sisson, Frank Newburg; D: Joe Maxwell; W: Hayden Talbott.

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The Married Virgin

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