Marion Bridge

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Marion Bridge ★★ 2002

Chain-smoking alcoholic Rose (McNeil) is dying, which brings her three daughters back together with all their past family traumas unresolved. Former wild child Agnes (Parker) was sexually abused by their father, which resulted in the birth of a child whom she gave up. Now that child is a sullen teen living nearby with her adoptive mother and Agnes would like to befriend her. Eldest sister Theresa (Jenkins) is a bitter divorcee who can't let go of her ex and middle sister Louise (Smith) is a couch potato who is slowly working up the courage to admit she's a lesbian. Much angst ensues for all. Screenwriter McIvor adapted from his play. 90m/C DVD . CA Molly Parker, Rebecca Jenkins, Stacy Smith, Marguerite McNeill; D: Wiebke von Carolsfeld; W: Daniel Mcivor; C: Stefan Ivanov; M: Lesley Barber.