Marinoff, Jacob

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MARINOFF, JACOB (1869–1964), Yiddish poet, editor, and publisher. Born in Russia, he received a traditional kheyder education. He immigrated to England, then the U.S. and lived briefly in Denver, where he worked with *Yehoash and Dr. Chaim Spivak to found the Jewish Tuberculosis Sanitorium. From 1895 he contributed poems to Yiddish periodicals. In 1909 he and Joseph *Tunkel cofounded Der Groyser Kundes, a journal of political and social satire, internationally important also as a watchdog of the Yiddish press and of Jewish institutions. Among the contributors to the weekly were *Sholem Aleichem, Yehoash, A. *Reisen, M.L. *Halpern, and M. *Nadir, as well as cartoonists Z. Maud, S. Raskin, and L. Israel (Lola). Marinoff wrote three volumes of verse: Shpil un Kamf ("Play and Struggle," 1938), Mir Veln Zayn ("We Want to Be," 1944) and Shtark un munter ("Strong and Hearty,"1947) and coedited a collection, Humor un Satire ("Humor and Satire," 1912, from Der Groyser Kundes).


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