Lupoff, Richard A(llen)

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LUPOFF, Richard A(llen)

LUPOFF, Richard A(llen). American, b. 1935. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Science fiction/Fantasy, Young adult fiction, Literary criticism and history. Career: Broadcaster and Interviewer, KPFA-FM, 1977-. Technical Writer, Sperry Univac, NYC, 1958-63; Ed., Canaveral Press, NYC, 1962-70; Film Producer, IBM, NYC and Poughkeepsie, New York, 1963-70; Ed., Xero fan mag., 1963; West Coast Ed., Crawdaddy, 1970-71, and Changes, 1971-72; Ed., Organ, 1972; Book Ed., Algol, 1973-79; Ed., Canyon Press, 1986-87; Contributing Ed., Science Fiction Eye, 1987-89. Publications: (ed.) The Reader's Guide to Barsoom and Amtor, 1963; Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure (criticism), 1965, 1968; One Million Centuries, 1967; (ed. with D. Thompson) All in Color for a Dime, 1970; Sacred Locomotive Flies, 1971; Into the Aether, 1974; (ed. with D. Thompson) The Comic-Book Book, 1974; The Crack in the Sky, 1976, in U.K. as Fool's Hill, 1978; Lisa Kane (juvenile), 1976; Sandworld, 1976; The Triune Man, 1976; Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision (criticism), 1976; Sword of the Demon, 1977; Space War Blues, 1978; (with R.E. Howard) The Return of Skull-Face, 1978; Nebogipfel at the End of Time, 1979; The Ova Hamlet Papers (short stories), 1979; (ed.) What If? Stories That Should Have Won The Hugo, 1980; Stroka Prospekt, 1982; Sun's End, 1984; Circumpolar, 1984; Lovecraft's Book, 1985; The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick, 1985; Countersolar, 1987; Galaxy's End, 1988; The Forever City, 1988; The Black Tower, 1988; The Comic Book Killer, 1988; The Final Battle, 1990; The Classic Car Killer, 1991; Night of the Living Gator, 1992; The Bessie Blue Killer, 1994; The Sepia Siren Killer, 1994; The Cover Girl Killer, 1995; Silver Chariot Killer, 1996; Radio Red Killer, 1997; (co-ed.) All in Color for a Dime, 1997; (ed.) Investigations of Avram Davidson, 1999; The Great American Paperback, 2001; Claremont Tales, 2001; Claremont Tales II, 2002. Works appear in anthologies. Address: 3208 Claremont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705, U.S.A.