Lupi Second, Didier

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Lupi Second, Didier

Lupi Second, Didier, French composer who flourished in the mid-16th century. He is believed to have resided in Lyons for the greater portion of his life. His vol. of chansons spirituelles was the first major collection of such works by a French Protestant composer.


Premier livre de chansons spirituelles nouvellement composées par Guillaume Guéroult for 4 Voices (Lyons, 1548); Tiers livre contenant trente et cinq chansons for 4 Voices (Lyons, 1548); Psaumes trente du royal prophète David, traduietz en vers françois par Giles Daurigny, diet le Pamphile for 4 Voices (Lyons, 1549); many other works in contemporary collections.


M. Honegger, Les chansons spirituelles de D. L. S. et les débuts de la musique protestante en France (Lille, 1971).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire