A Letter to Three Wives

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A Letter to Three Wives ★★★★ 1949

Crain, Darnell, and Sothern star as three friends who, shortly before embarking on a Hudson River boat trip, each receive a letter from Holm (who's never shown), the fourth member in their set. The letter tells them that she has run off with one of their hus bands but does not specify his identity. The women spend the rest of the trip re viewing their sometimes shaky unions which provides some of the funniest and most caustic scenes, including Douglas (as Sothern's husband) ranting against the advertising business which supports his wife's radio soap opera. Sharp dia logue, moving performances. Based on the novel by John Klempner. Remade for TV in 1985. 103m/B VHS, DVD . Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern, Kirk Douglas, Paul Douglas, Jeffrey Lynn, Thelma Ritter, Barbara Lawrence, Connie Gilchrist, Florence Bates; D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; W: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; C: Arthur C. Miller; M: Alfred Newman; V: Celeste Holm. Oscars ‘49: Director (Mankiewicz), Screenplay; Directors Guild ‘48: Director (Mankiewicz).