A Kiss Before Dying

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A Kiss Before Dying ★★ 1991 (R)

Botched adaptation of Ira Levin's cunning thriller novel (filmed before in 1956). This flick serves up an exploded head in the first few minutes. So much for subtlety. The highlight is Dillon's chilly role as a murderous opportunist bent on marrying into a wealthy family. Young plays two roles (not very well) as lookalike sisters on his agenda. The ending was hastily reshot and it shows. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Matt Dillon, Sean Young, Max von Sydow, Diane Ladd, James Russo, Martha Gehman, Ben Browder, Joy Lee, Adam Horovitz; D: James Dearden; W: James Dearden. Golden Raspberries '91: Worst Actress (Young), Worst Support. Actress (Young).