A Knight in Camelot

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A Knight in Camelot ★★½ 1998

Oft told Mark Twain tale this time finds computer expert Vivien (Goldberg) conducting an experiment that transports her back to medieval England and the court of King Arthur (York). Lucky for Viv, she's travelling with her laptop, unluckily the kingly court think the tart-tongued woman is a witch. Bossy Vivien makes Merlin (Richardson) jealous and antagonizes everyone until lessons are learned by all. Engaging fluff. 88m/C VHS . Whoopi Goldberg, Michael York, Amanda Donohoe, Ian Richardson, Robert Addie, Simon Fenton, Paloma Baeza, James Coombes; D: Roger Young; W: Joe Wiesenfeld; C: Elemer Ragalyi; M: Patrick Williams. TV