A Love Divided

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A Love Divided ★★ 2001

In 1950s Ireland, Protestant Sheila Kelly (Brady) marries Catholic Sean Cloney (Cunningham) and signs an agreement to raise their children Catholic to appease the mostly Catholic farming community, County Wexford. When it comes time for their daughter Eileen (Bolger) to attend school, however, a battle emerges over religion between headstrong Sheila and Milquetoast Sean. When things begin escalating into an all-out war that divides thevillagers, Sheila flees with her two daugh ters to Scotland. Heavy-handed, melodra matic script displays a movie-of-the-week lack of subtlety, while one-dimensional characters offer little in the way of sympathy for anyone involved. Based on a true story. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Orla Brady, Liam Cunningham, Brian McGrath, Sarah Bolger, Nicole Bohan, Peter Caffrey, Tony Doyle, Ali White; D: Syd Macartney; W: Deirdre Dowling, Gerry Gregg, Stuart Hepburn; C: Cedric Culliton; M: Fiachra Trench.