A Little Inside

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A Little Inside ★★½ 2001 (PG)

Ed Mills (King) is a promising minorleague baseball player who quits the game when his wife dies so he can care for their daughter. Five years later, Ed is still struggling with this parenting gig, especially since Abby (Eisenberg) is growing up and getting into girlier things than Ed can cope with. So, since Abby does like baseball, Ed decides to take a second shot at rejoining his old team and regaining Abby's attention. The pintsized Eisenberg is a scenestealer par excellence. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Benjamin King, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Kathy Baker, Frankie Faison, Amanda Detmer, Jay Harrington, Sean Michael Arthur, Jared Padalecki; D: Kara Harshbarger; W: Kara Harshbarger; M: James Levine. VIDEO