Kallen, Stuart A(rnold)

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KALLEN, Stuart A(rnold)

KALLEN, Stuart A(rnold). American, b. 1955. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction, Music, History, Civil liberties/Human rights, Environmental sciences/Ecology. Career: Freelance writer and musician. Publications: Recycle It! Once Is Not Enough, 1990. THE HISTORY OF ROCK 'N ROLL SERIES: Roots of Rock, two vols, 1989; Renaissance of Rock, two vols, 1989; Revolution of Rock, 1989; Retrospect of Rock, 1989. THE BUILDING OF A NATION SERIES: Newcomers to America, 1400-1650, 1990; Life in the 13 Colonies, 1650-1750, 1990; The Road to Freedom, 1750-1783, 1990; A Nation United, 1780-1850, 1990; A Nation Divided, 1850-1900, 1990; A Modern Nation, 1900-1990, 1990. BLACK HISTORY AND THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT SERIES: The Lost Kingdoms of Africa, 1990; Days of Slavery, 1990; The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1990; The Twentieth Century and the Harlem Renaissance, 1990; The Civil Rights Movement, 1990; The Struggle into the 1990s, 1990. GHASTLY GHOST STORIES SERIES: How to Catch a Ghost, 1991; (and illustrator) Haunted Hangouts of the Undead, 1991; Phantoms of the Rich and Famous, 1991; Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies, 1991; Monsters, Dinosaurs, and Beasts, 1991; Ghosts of the Seven Seas, 1991; World of the Bizarre, 1991; Witches, Magic, and Spells, 1991. THE WORLD RECORD LIBRARY SERIES: Human Oddities, 1991; Spectacular Sports Records, 1991; Incredible Animals, 1991; Awesome Entertainment Records, 1991; Super Structures, 1991; Amazing Human Feats, 1991. THE SECOND REVOLUTION SERIES: Princes, Peasants, and Revolution, 1992; The Rise of Lenin, 1992; Stalin: Man of Steel, 1992; Khrushchev: The Coldest War, 1992; Brezhnev: Before the Dawn, 1992; Gorbachev-Yeltsin: The Fall of Communism, 1992. THE FABULOUS FUN LIBRARY SERIES: Ridiculous Riddles (Giggles, Gags, and Groaners), 1992; Tricky Tricks (Simple Magic Tricks), 1992; Mad Scientist Experiments (Safe, Simple Science Experiments), 1992; Math-a-magical Fun (Fun with Numbers), 1992; Puzzling Puzzles (Brain Teasers), 1992; Silly Stories (Funny, Short Stories), 1992; Funny Answers to Foolish Questions, 1992; The Giant Joke Book, 1992. TARGET EARTH SERIES: If the Clouds Could Talk, 1993; If Trees Could Talk, 1993; If the Sky Could Talk, 1993; If the Waters Could Talk, 1993; If Animals Could Talk, 1993; Eco-Games, 1993; Precious Creatures A-Z, 1993; Eco-Fairs and Carnivals, 1993; Earth Keepers, 1993; Eco-Arts & Crafts, 1993. I HAVE A DREAM SERIES: Maya Angelou: Woman of Words, Deeds, and Dreams, 1993; Arthur Ashe: Champion of Dreams and Motion, 1993; Martin Luther King Jr.: A Man and His Dream, 1993; Thurgood Marshall: A Dream of Justice for All, 1993. FAMOUS ILLUSTRATED SPEECHES AND DOCUMENTS SERIES: The Statue of Liberty: The New Colossus, 1994; The Gettysburg Address, 1994; Pledge of Allegiance, 1994; Star-Spangled Banner, 1994; Declaration of Independence, 1994. IF THE DINOSAURS COULD TALK … SERIES: Brontosaurus, 1994; Stegosaurus, 1994; Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1994; Pterandon, 1994; Plesiosaurus, 1994; Triceratops, 1994. THE HOLOCAUST SERIES: The History of Hatred: 70 A.D. to 1932, 1994; The Nazis Seize Power: 1933-1939, 1994; The Holocaust: 1940-1944, 1994; The Faces of Resistance, 1994; Bearing Witness: Liberation and the Nuremberg Trials, 1994; Holocausts in Other Lands, 1994. OTHER: Beer Here: A Traveler's Guide to American Brewpubs & Microbreweries, 1995. Author of articles for magazines. Address: 4601 30th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55406, U.S.A.