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GREELEY, Andrew (Moran)

GREELEY, Andrew (Moran). American, b. 1928. Genres: Novels, Education, Sociology, Theology/Religion, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Inspirational/Motivational Literature. Career: Director, Center for the Study of American Pluralism, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago, 1971- (Sr. Study Director, 1962-68, and Program Director in Higher Education, 1968-70, National Opinion Research Center; Lecturer in Sociology, University of Chicago, 1963-72). Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1978-. Ed., Ethnicity; Syndicated columnist, "People and Values," Chicago Sun Times, 1985-. Past President, Catholic Sociological Society. Publications: RELIGION & THEOLOGY: The Church and the Suburbs, 1959; Strangers in the House, 1961, rev ed 1967; Religion and Career, 1963; Letters to a Young Man, 1964; Letters to Nancy, from Andrew M. Greeley, 1964; Priests for Tomorrow, 1964; And Young Men Shall See Visions, 1964; (with P. Rossi) The Education of Catholic Americans, 1966; The Hesitant Pilgrim, 1966; The Catholic Experience, 1967; (with W. Van- Cleve and G.A. Carroll) The Changing Catholic College, 1967; The Crucible of Change, 1968; Uncertain Trumpet, 1968; Youth Asks, Does God Talk?, 1968 as Youth Asks, Does God Still Speak?, 1970; (with M. Marty and S. Rosenberg) What Do We Believe?, 1968; From Backwater to Mainstream, 1969; A Future to Hope In, 1969; Life for a Wanderer, 1969; Religion in the Year 2000, 1969; New Horizions fo the Priesthood, 1970; The Life of the Spirit, 1970; (with W.E. Brown) Can Catholic Schools Survive?, 1970; The Jesus Myth, 1971; The Touch of the Spirit, 1971; What a Modern Catholic Believes About God, 1971; Unsecular Man, 1972; Priests in the United States, 1972; The Sinai Myth, 1972; What a Modern Catholic Believes about the Church, 1972; The Devil, You Say, 1974; (with G. Baum) The Church as Institution, 1974; May the Wind Be at Your Back, 1975; (with W.C. Mc- Cready and K. McCourt) Catholic Schools in a Declining Church, 1976; The Communal Catholic, 1976; Death and Beyond, 1976; The American Catholic, 1977; The Mary Myth, 1977; An Ugly Little Secret, 1977; Everything You Wanted to Know About the Catholic Church but Were Too Pious to Ask, 1978; Crisis in the Church, 1979; The Making of the Popes, 1978; Catholic High School and Minority Students, 1983; The Bottom Line Catechism for Contemporary Catholics, 1982; Religion: A Secular Theory, 1982; The Catholic WHY? Book, 1983; How to Save the Catholic Church, 1984; (with M.G. Durka) Angry Catholic Women, 1984; American Catholics since the Council, 1985; Patience of a Saint, 1986; Catholic Contributions, 1987; When Life Hurts, 1988; 101 Irish-American Blessings, 1988; Religious Indicators, 1940-1985, 1989; God in Popular Culture, 1988; Myths of Religion, 1989; Religious Change in America, 1989; Complaints against God, 1989; Year of Grace, 1990; (with J. Neusner) The Bible and Us, 1990, rev.ed, Common Ground: A Priest and a Rabbi Read Scripture Together, 1996; Book of Irish American Prayers and Blessings, 1991; The Catholic Myth, 1990; Love Affair: A Prayer Journal, 1992; Religion as Poetry, 1994; Sociology and the Religion, 1994; Sacraments of Love: A Prayer Journal, 1994; Windows: A Prayer Journal, 1995; (with A.J. Bergesen) God in the Movies: A Sociological Investigation, 2000; Catholic Imagination, 2000; My Love: A Prayer Journal, 2001; Religion in Europe at the End of the Second Millennium, 2002; Priests: A Calling in Crisis, 2004. SOCIOLOGY: Why Can't They Be Like Us?, 1969; A Fresh Look At Vocations, 1969; (with J. Spaeth) Recent Alumni and Higher Education, 1970; Why Can't They Be Like Us?, 1971; The Denominational Society, 1972; That Most Distressing Nation, 1972; The New Agenda, 1973; Building Coalitions, 1974; Ethnicity in the United States, 1974; MEDIA, 1974; The Sociology of the Paranormal, 1975; Ethnicity, Denomination and Inequality, 1976; Great Mysteries: Essential Catechism, 1977; (with W.C. McCready) The Ultimate Values of the Americal Population, 1976; Neighborhood, 1977; No Bigger than Necessary, 1977; The Irish Americans, 1980; (with W. McCready) Ethnic Drinking Subcultures, 1980; The Sociology of Andrew M. Greeley, 1993; Forging a Common Future, 1997. RELATIONSHIPS: The Friendship Game, 1970; Sexual Intimacy, 1973; Ecstasy, 1974; Love and Play, 1977; Faithful Attraction, 1991; The Sense of Love (poems), 1992. OTHER: Come Blow Your Mind with Me (essays), 1971; (with J.N. Kotre) The Best of Times, the Worst of Times, 1978; Women I've Met (poetry), 1979; A Piece of My Mind, 1983; Confessions of a Parish Priest, 1986; An Andrew Greely Reader (essays), 1987; Andrew Greeley's Chicago, 1989; Andrew Greeley (autobiography), 1990; Furthermore, 1999; (with M.G. Durkin) An Epidemic of Joy: Stories in the Spirit of Jesus, 1999; (with J. Neusner and M.G. Durkin) Virtues and Vices: Stories of the Moral Life, 1999; (comp with M.G. Durkin) The Book of Love, 2002. NOVELS: Nora Maeve and Sebi, 1976; The Magic Cup, 1979; Death in April, 1980; The Cardinal Sins, 1981; Thy Brother's Wife, 1982; Ascent into Hell, 1984; Loed of the Dance, 1987; Love Song, 1988; All about Women (stories), 1990; The Cardinal Virtues, 1990; The Search for Maggie Ward, 1991; An Occasion of Sin, 1991; The Seven Sins, 1991; Wages of Sin, 1992; Fall from Grace, 1993; Angel Light, 1995; White Smoke, 1996; Summer at the Lake, 1997; Star Bright, 1997; Contract with an Angel, 1998; A Midwinter's Tale, 1998; Younger than Springtime, 1999; A Christmas Wedding, 2000; September Song, 2001; The Second Spring, 2003. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS: Virgin and Martyr, 1985; Angels of September, 1986; The God Game, 1986; The Final Planet, 1987; Angel Fire, 1988; Rite of Spring, 1988; St. Valentine's Night, 1989. FATHER BLACKIE RYAN MYSTERIES: Happy are the Meek, 1986; Happy are the Clean of Heart, 1986; Happy Are Those Who Thirst for Justice, 1987; Happy Are the Merciful, 1992; Happy Are the Peace Makers, 1993; Happy Are the Poor in Spirit, 1994; Happy Are Those Who Mourn, 1995; Happy are the Oppressed, 1997; The Bishop at Sea, 1997; The Bishop and the Three Kings, 1998; The Bishop and the Missing L Train, 2000; The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain, 2001; The Bishop in the West Wing, 2002. NUALA ANNE McGRAIL NOVELS: Irish Gold, 1994; Irish Lace, 1996; Irish Whiskey, 1998; Irish Mist, 1999; Irish Eyes, 2000; Irish Love, 2001; Irish Stew, 2002. EDITOR: (with M.E. Schulitz) Catholics in the Archdiocese of Chicago, 1962; (with G. Baum) The Persistence of Religion, 1973; (with G. Baum) Communication in the Church Concilium, 1978; The Family in Crisis or in Transition, 1979; (with M. Cassutt) Sacred Visions, 1991. Address: NORC, 1155 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637, U.S.A. Online address:

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