This Girl's Life

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This Girl's Life ★★ 2003 (R)

Moon (knockout Marquis in her film debut) is a forthright beauty who likes sex and makes her living in the porn industry. Film is matter-of-fact about her life, which includes caring for her Pops (Woods), who has Parkinson's, worrying about an AIDS scare, and wondering about a budding relationship with a non-industry boyfriend (Pardue). Kudos to director/writer Ash for making a flick that's compelling without being violent or exploitative despite its subject matter. 101m/C DVD . James Woods, Kip Pardue, Tomas Arana, Michael Rapaport, Juliette Marquis, Rosario Dawson, Ioan Gruffudd, Isa iah Washington IV, Cheyenne Silver, Kam Heskin, Natalie Taylor; D: Ash; W: Ash; C: Alessandro Zezza; M: Agartha Halou.