This Could Be the Night

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This Could Be the Night ★★½ 1957

Rocco and Tony are two small-fry gangsters who run a nightclub. Anne is a prim schoolteacher who takes a parttime job as their secretary. She falls for the handsome Tony much to the dismay of Rocco who knows his partner's less-than-sterling character. Sweet but minor comedy. Franciosa's first film. This Could Be The Night; Hustlin' News Gal; I Got It Bad; I'm Gonna Live Till I Die; Taking a Chance on Love; Trumpet Boogie; Mamba Combo; Blue Moon; Dream Dancing. 105m/B VHS . Jean Simmons, Paul Douglas, Anthony (Tony) Franciosa, Joan Blondell, Julie Wilson, Neile Adams, J. Carrol Naish, Rafael Campos, Zasu Pitts, Tom Helmore; D: Robert Wise.