Thirteen Conversations About One Thing

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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing ★★★½ 2001 (R)

“We plan, God laughs,” as the saying goes. Smart, literary indie offers a fresh take on the familiar theme of destiny and the forms it takes. Focuses on the intersecting lives of five New Yorkers: college physics professor Turturro wants to change his boring life; housewife Irving confronts her hubby about his infidelity; lawyer McConaughey's life suddenly takes a wrong turn; housekeeper DuVall waits for something wonderful to happen; and cynical businessman Arkin is disturbed by his relentlessly upbeat coworker. Director Jill Sprecher and her sister, cowriter Karen, illustrates (in 13 sections), how even the smallest actions can have enormous consequences. Detailed omens arise everywhere, foreshadowing events to come in this karma chameleon of a movie. Well acted, deftly directed and smartly written. 104m/C VHS, DVD . US Matthew McConaughey, Alan Arkin, John Turturro, Clea DuVall, Amy Irving, Barbara Sukowa, Tia Texada, Frankie Faison, William Wise, Shawn Elliott, David Connolly, Alex Burns; D: Jill Sprecher; W: Jill Sprecher, Karen Sprecher; C: Dick Pope; M: Alex Wurman.

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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing

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