A Few Days in September

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A Few Days in September ★½ Quelques Jours en Septembre 2006

Confusing spy thriller. CIA agent Elliott (Nolte) disappears ten days before 9/11 after contacting French agent Irene (Binoche). Elliott makes Irene responsible for his two children, halfsiblings Orlando (Forestier) and David (Riley). But setting up a meeting proves difficult as they follow his trail from Paris to Venice, pursued by an over-the-top assassin (Turturro), in an effort to discover what Elliott's learned that's so dangerous. English, French, and Arabic with subtitles. 112m/C DVD . FR IT Juliette Binoche, Nick Nolte, John Turturro, Sara Forestier, Tom Riley, Mathieu Demy, Said Amadia; D: Santiago Amigorena; W: Santiago Amigorena; C: Christophe Beaucarne; M: Laurent Martin.