A Face in the Crowd

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A Face in the Crowd ★★★½ 1957

Journalist (Neal) discovers a down-home philosopher (Griffith) and puts him on her TV show. His awshucks personality soon wins him a large following and increasing influence—even political clout. Off the air he reveals his true nature to be insulting, vengeful, and power-hungry—all of which Neal decides to expose. Marks Griffith's spectacular film debut as a thoroughly despicable character and debut of Remick as the pretty cheerleader in whom he takes an interest. Schulburg wrote the screenplay from his short story “The Arkansas Traveler.” He and director Kazan collaborated equally well in “On the Waterfront.” 126m/B VHS, DVD . Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, Lee Remick, Walter Matthau, Anthony (Tony) Franciosa; D: Elia Kazan; W: Budd Schulberg; C: Harry Stradling Sr.