The Fear: Halloween Night

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The Fear: Halloween Night ★★ Fear 2; Fear: Resurrection 1999 (R)

Mike Hawthorne, the son of a psycho killer, has been plagued by blackouts. According to a friend, a Halloween eve ritual where a group of friends all face their worst fears could help Mike get rid of the fear of his father that continues to haunt him. Only when Mike awakens from another blackout, it's to discover a murdered friend. Palmer played another serial killer's mom (Jason) in “Friday the 13th.” 87m/C VHS, DVD . Gordon Currie, Stacy Grant, Brendan Beiser, Betsy Palmer, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Rachel Hayward, Larry Pennell, Phillip Rhys, Myc Agnew, Kelly Benson; D: Chris Angel; W: Kevin Richards. VIDEO

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The Fear: Halloween Night

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