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Fateless ★★★½ Sorstalansag 2005

Gyuri is a 14yearold Hungarian Jewish boy subjected to the horrors of three different concentration camps, surviving only to find isolation in the world around him. An emphasis on the dehumanization of the Jews as they were corralled into these camps gives a unique look and tone from that of other Holocaust pictures. Muddy and miserable perspective is nonetheless visually beautiful. Adapted from a novel by Nobel Prizewinning author Imre Kertesz. 114m/C DVD . HU GE GB Marcell Nagy, Daniel Craig, Aron Dimeny, Andras M. Kecskes, Jozsef Gyabronka, Endre Harkanyi, Janos Ban, Judit Schell; D: Lajos Koltai; W: Imre Kertesz; C: Gyula Pados; M: Ennio Morricone.