Fatal Attraction 1987

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Fatal Attraction ★★★ 1987 (R)

When a very married New York lawyer is seduced by a beautiful blonde associate, the onenight stand leads to terror as she continues to pursue the relationship. She begins to threaten his family and home with possessive, violent acts. An expertly made, manipulative thriller; one of the most hotly discussed films of the 1980s. A successful change of role for Close as the sexy, scorned, and deadly other woman. Also available in a special “director's series” edition, featuring Lyne's original, controversial ending. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Stuart Pankin, Ellen HamiltonLatzen, Ellen Foley, Fred Gwynne, Meg Mundy, J.J. Johnston; D: Adrian Lyne; W: James Dearden; C: Howard Atherton; M: Maurice Jarre.