Fatah-Forces of the Black September 13th Brigades

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Palestinian movement created on 27 October 1993 by Lieutenant Colonel Munir Hasan al-Maqdah, Fatah representative at the Ain el-Helweh camp in Lebanon and opponent of the Israeli-Palestinian accord of the preceding 13 September. The principal cause of his opposition was that accord did not address the question of the refugees from 1948. While the Alliance of Palestinian Forces made efforts to rally al-Maqdah to its cause, the latter tried vainly to obtain the backing of important Fatah leaders, including the brothers Hani and Khalid al-Hasan. The principal members of this movement, in addition to Maqdah, are Abu Khalid al-Arkoub, Jamal Qudsi, and Ali Hussein Fahoud. Black September 13 carried out numerous attacks against Israeli occupation forces in south Lebanon in the summer of 1995, some in coordination with Hizbullah.

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