Eye of the Beholder

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Eye of the Beholder ★ 1999 (R)

Disengaged surveillence expert, known only as “The Eye” (McGregor), works for British intelligence out of their embassy in Washington. His latest assignment is to keep track of blackmailing Joanna (Judd), who turns out to be a psychotic serial killer of many identities. This must provide some strange turnon, since instead of calling the cops, he proceeds to track her cross-country, protecting her from capture. Judd's an attractive femme fatale but the picture makes little sense and soon falls into the jaw-dropping, I-don't-believe-what-I'm-seeing category. Based on the novel by Marc Behm. 101m/C VHS, DVD . Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Patrick Bergin, k.d. lang, Jason Priestley, Genevieve Bujold; D: Ste-phan Elliott; W: Stephan Elliott; C: Guy Dufaux; M: Marius De Vries.