Eye of the Storm 1998

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Eye of the Storm ★½ The Farmhouse 1998 (R)

What's the elegant Danner during in this horror mishmash? (Maybe it worked better as a stage play.) College student Jenny (Kendall) is in rural Kansas during research on a typical American family. That turns out not to be the Millers—the farming family Jenny is forced to shelter with because of a tornado. Seems mom Irma (Danner) went whacko and killed daughter Sally and the event was covered up by her husband and adult son. Now, Irma's delusions mistake Jenny for Sally and the local sheriff is also snooping into Sally's disappearance. Adapted by co-scripter Watson from his play “The Farmhouse.” 100m/C VHS, DVD . Katherine Kendall, Blythe Danner, Leo Burmester, Guy Ale, Kurt Deutsch, Keith Reddin; D: Marcus Spiegel; W: Marcus Spiegel, Randy Watson; C: Horacio Mar-quinez; M: Anton Sanko.