Eydoux, Emmanuel

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EYDOUX, EMMANUEL , pen name of Roger Eisinger (1913– ), French author. Descended from Alsatian Jews, he was born in Marseilles, where he engaged in business until 1965. He then abandoned commerce and taught Jewish history and thought in an ort school. He was active in the cultural life of the Marseilles Jewish community. Eydoux began publishing poems in 1945, under the pen name of "Catapulte." He then wrote plays and books on the history of Judaism. The main poetic works of Eydoux were Le Chant de l'Exil (1945–47), Abraham l'Hébreu et Samuelle Voyant (1946), L'Evangile selon les Hébreux (1954), and Elégies inachevées (1959). He wrote a play, Ghetto à Varsovie (1960), and a tetralogy including Pogrom (1963) and Eliezer ben Yehouda (1966). Eydoux was also the author of Le dernier Pourimspiel des orphelins du docteur Janusz Korczak (1967), which has its setting in the Warsaw ghetto under the Nazis. His didactic works include La Science de l'Être (1949) and Introduction à l'histoire de la civilisation d'Israël (1961).

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