Dorman, Michael L.

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DORMAN, Michael L.

DORMAN, Michael L. American, b. 1932. Genres: Politics/Government, Adult non-fiction, Civil liberties/Human rights, Criminology/True Crime, History, Law, Race relations, Writing/Journalism. Career: Newspaper reporter and ed., 1950-64. Publications: We Shall Overcome, 1964; The Secret Service Story, 1967; The Second Man, 1968; King of the Courtroom, 1969; Under 21, 1970; Payoff: The Role of Organized Crime in American Politics, 1972; The Making of a Slum, 1972; Confrontation, 1974; Vesco: The Infernal Money-Making Machine, 1975; Witch Hunt, 1976; The George Wallace Myth, 1976; Detectives of the Sky, 1976; Dirty Politics: From 1776 to Watergate, 1979; Blood and Revenge, 1991. Address: 7 Lauren Ave S, Dix Hills, NY 11746, U.S.A.