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Dorman, Brandon


Married. Education: Brigham Young University-Idaho, B.F.A.


Home—Enumclaw, WA. Agent—Lou Representatives, Peter Lott, 501 5th Ave., Ste. 1708, New York, NY 10017. E-mail—[email protected].




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Brandon Dorman, an illustrator based in the Pacific Northwest, creates art for a wide variety of children's books, including novels by Jon Berkeley and Dean Lorey, popular nonfiction by Melvin and Gilda Berger, and verses by noted poet Jack Prelutsky. Many of the books featuring Dorman's art are fantasies, such as The Palace of Laughter and The Tiger's Egg, two novels in Berkeley's "Wednesday Tales" series. A supernatural mystery, The Tiger's Eye follows orphaned Miles Wednesday in his search for his missing father. Christi Voth Esterle wrote in a School Library Journal review of this work that The Tiger's Egg contains "a lot of exciting scenes, and the pen-and-ink illustrations enliven the action." In a review of Lorey's Nightmare Academy for School Library Journal, Sharon Senser McKeller noted that Dorman's "four full-page, intricate black-and-white pencil drawings illustrate the tensest action in the novel, adding some spooky charm."

Dorman's drawings for Prelutsky's poems have also gathered praise, School Library Journal reviewer Lee Bock wrote of The Wizard that "the digitally created spreads are spectacular." In Kirkus Reviews a contributor commented of the same book that Dorman's "elaborately detailed digital paintings give a properly eerie setting" to Prelutsky's verse, and in Booklist Randall Enos described The Wizard as "sumptuous."

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