The Desert Song

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The Desert Song ★★½ 1953

MacRae secretly leads a band of do-goo-ders against the evil forces of a dastardly sheik. Grayson is the general's daughter who falls in love with our disguised hero. Third filmed version of the Sigmund Rom-berg operetta creaks along with the talents of MacRae and Grayson rising about the hackneyed plot. ♫The Desert Song; Gay Parisienne; Long Live the Night; One Alone; One Flower; The Riff Song; Romance. 96m/C VHS . Gordon MacRae, Kathryn Grayson, Raymond Massey, Steve Cochran, Dick Wesson, Allyn Ann McLerie, Ray Collins, William Conrad; D: H. Bruce Humberstone; W: Roland Kib-bee; C: Robert Burks; M: Max Steiner.