The Derby Stallion

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The Derby Stallion ★★½ 2005

No, it's not a good movie but it's got horses and Efron is as cute as heck, so you think tweener girls will care? Teenager Patrick (Efron) discovers his calling when he befriends alcoholic Houston Jones (Cobbs), who offers to train him to ride in the statewide steeplechase race. But Patrick's father (Moses), a former big leaguer, is pressuring him to stick with baseball. 98m/C DVD . Zac Efron, Bill Cobbs, William R. Moses, Colton James, Tonja Walker, Michael Nardini, Sarah Blackman, Crystal Hunt, Rob Pinkston; D: Craig Clyde; W: Kimberly Gough; C: John Gunselman; M: Billy Preston. VIDEO