The Desperadoes 1943

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The Desperadoes ★★½ 1943

Cheyenne Rogers (Ford) is a gunman trying to go straight. So he heads into the town of Red Valley, Utah, to see old pal-turned-sheriff Steve Upton (Scott). Unfortunately for Cheyenne, this is just after the town's bank has been robbed in a crooked scheme set up by a couple of sharpies (Hall, Buchanan) and he is framed for the crime. Now it's up to Cheyenne, Steve, and a couple of wild west gals (Trevor, Keyes) to prove his innocence. Set in 1863; adapted from a story by Max Brand. Columbia's first Technicolor film. 86m/C DVD . Glenn Ford, Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Evelyn Keyes, Edgar Buchanan, Porter Hall, Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, Raymond Walburn; D: Charles Vidor; W: Robert Carson; C: George Meehan Jr.; M: John Leipold.

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The Desperadoes 1943

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