The Delta

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The Delta ★★ 1997

White, middleclass Memphis teenager Lincoln Bloom (Gray) is leading a double life. He parties with his girlfriend Monica (Huss) and macho buddies but also sneaks off to cruise the city's gay pick-up spots. Which is where he meets the older John (Chan), an Amerasian immigrant from Vietnam, whose unknown father was a black soldier. The two have a brief romantic idyll but while the openly gay John is desperate for love, Lincoln is still uncertain about his sexual identity and the disparity between their lives. Feature debut for both Sachs and his two lead actors. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Shayne Gray, Thang Chan, Rachel Zan Huss, Ricky Little; D: Ira Sachs; W: Ira Sachs; C: Benjamin P. Speth; M: Michael Rohatyn.