The Defenders: Payback

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The Defenders: Payback ★★½ 1997 (R)

E.G. Marshall returns to the lawyer role of Lawrence Preston that he played in the CBS series from 1961-1965. This time around, Preston has his granddaughter, M.J. (Plimpton), joining the family firm along with son Don (Bridges). Their first case together is a doozy—unrepentent Michael Lane (Laroquette) has confessed to killing the recently paroled man who had gone to prison for raping Lane's young daughter. 95m/C VHS . E.G. Marshall, Beau Bridges, Martha Plimpton, John Larroquette, Yaphet Kotto, Roma Maffia, Rachael Leigh Cook, Mimi Kuzyk, Clea DuVall, Nicholas Kilbertus; D: Andy Wolk; W: Andy Wolk, Peter Wolk; C: John Newby; M: Mark Isham. CABLE