Day at the Beach

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Day at the Beach ★★½ 1998

Jimmy (Veronis) works in a mob-fronted New York ravioli factory while trying to make a film—a gangster movie that features his fellow pasta workers. But when one of his buddies, John (Fitzgerald), tosses a briefcase over a river bridge for a scene, the heavy case accidently kills a passing fisherman. Now Jimmy's got a guilt-racked John to deal with and numerous other problems—all eventually leading to the palatial home of wealthy (and connected) Antonio Gintolini (Ragno). 93m/C VHS, DVD . Nick Veronis, Patrick Fitzgerald, Neal Jones, Robert Maisonett, Catherine Kellner, Jane Adams, Joe Ragno, Ed Setrakian; D: Nick Veronis; W: Nick Veronis; C: Nils Kenaston; M: Tony Saracene.

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Day at the Beach

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