Crozier, Brian

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CROZIER, Brian. Also writes as John Rossiter. British (born Australia), b. 1918. Genres: Novels, International relations/Current affairs, Third World, Biography. Career: Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA, 1996-2002. Contributing Editor, National Review, NY, since 1978. Staff member: Reuters, 1943-44; News Chronicle, 1944-48; Sydney Morning Herald, 1948-51, Reuters-AAP, 1951-52, Straits Times, 1952-53, The Economist, 1954-64, BBC, 1954-65; Forum World Features, chairman, London, 1965-75; Director, Institute for the Study of Conflict, London, 1970-79. Publications: The Rebels: A Study of Post-War Insurrections, 1960; The Morning After: A Study of Independence, 1963; Neo-Colonialism, 1964; South-East Asia in Turmoil, 1965; The Struggle for the Third World, 1966; Franco, 1967; The Masters of Power, 1969; The Future of Communist Power (in U.S. as After Stalin), 1970; De Gaulle, 2 vols., 1973-74, in U.S., 1 vol., 1973; A Theory of Conflict, 1974; The Man Who Lost China: A Biography of Chiang Kai-shek, 1978; Strategy of Survival, 1978; The Minimum State, 1979; Franco: Crepusculo de un Hombre, 1980; The Price of Peace, 1980; (co-author) Socialism Explained, 1984; (co-author) This War Called Peace, 1984; (as John Rossiter) The Andropov Deception (novel), 1984, U.S. ed. as Brian Crozier, 1986; Socialism: Dream and Reality, 1987; The Gorbachev Phenomenon, 1990; Communism: Why Prolong Its Death Throes?, 1990; Free Agent: The Unseen War 1941-1991, 1993; (co-author) Le Phénix Rouge, 1995; The KGB Lawsuits, 1995; The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire, 1999. EDITOR: We Will Bury You: A Study of Left-wing Subversion Today, 1970; The Grenada Documents, 1987. Address: 18 Wickliffe Ave., London N3 3EJ, England.