Cleopatra's Second Husband

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Cleopatra's Second Husband ★★ 2000 (R)

Let's play master and servant. Whiny, selfish yuppie couple Robert (Hipp) and Hallie (Schram) Marrs go on vacation and need housesitters for their fabulous L.A. pad. They accept a recommendation from friends to employ sexy Zack (Kestner) and Sophie (Mitchell). Some friends—when the Marrs return early, their housesitters ask to stay on a little longer and proceed to take over. Hallie takes off after Robert gets it on with Sophie but the sexual/mind games are just beginning. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Paul Hipp, Boyd Kestner, Radha Mitchell, Bitty Schram, Alexis Arquette, Jonathan Penner; D: Jonathan Reiss; W: Jonathan Reiss; C: Matt Faw; M: Cary Berger.