Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas

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Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas (b Paris, 1676; d Paris, 1749). Fr. organist and composer for kbd. instr. and voice. His books of Fr. cantatas are the best of their period. Held post at court of Louis XIV and became org. of Maison Royale de St Cyr, nr. Versailles, 1714–21. Org., St Sulpice, Paris, 1715 and of the Jacobins, Rue St Jacques, from 1719. Wrote 5 books of cantatas, 20 in all, pubd. 1710, 1713, 1716, 1720, and 1726. Another 5 cantatas were pubd. separately. Also comp. 3 pieces for strs. under title Simphonie-sonata. His premier livre d'orgue comprises 2 suites of 14 pieces. Wrote theatrical pieces for court, among them Le soleil vainqueur (1721) and Le départ du roi (1745).