Clérambault, Louis Nicolas

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Clérambault, Louis Nicolas

Clérambault, Louis Nicolas, French composer and organist; b. Paris, Dec. 19, 1676; d. there, Oct. 26, 1749. He studied with André Raison. He was organist at various Paris churches. He was a successful composer of theatrical pieces for the court: Le Soleil vainqueur (Paris, Oct. 21, 1721); Le Départ du roi (1745); etc. He also wrote a number of solo cantatas, in which genre he excelled. He also composed much organ music, some of which is republ. in Guilmant’s Archives des maîtres de l’orgue. His son, César François Nicolas Clérambault (1700–1760), was also an organist and composer.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire