City on Fire 1987

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City on Fire ★★½ 1987

Ko Chow (Chow YunFat) is an undercover cop who just wants out so he can marry his girl and forget about his past. He agrees to do one more job for his uncle, an aging inspector being forced out by an ambitious newcomer. He infiltrates a violent crew (one that's already killed a cop who had gotten in with them) that's planning a jewel heist. Like most Hong Kong copsandgangs flicks, it goes heavy on the action, but it also delves into Chow's character, sometimes to the detriment of the pacing. Most people know this as the inspiration for Tarantino's “Reservior Dogs.” 98m/C VHS, DVD . HK Chow YunFat, Sun Yueh, Danny Lee, Carrie Ng, Roy Cheung; D: Ringo Lam; W: Ringo Lam, Tommy Sham; C: Wai Keung (Andrew) Lau; M: Teddy Robin Kwan.