City Unplugged

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City Unplugged ★★ Darkness in Tallinn 1995

Heist film with some twists. $970 million in gold, in Paris for safekeeping since WWII, has been returned to the treasury in the newly independent Republic of Estonia. The thieves, who belong to the Russian mob, plan to cut all electricity in the capital city of Tallinn, break into the bank, and move the gold to a nearby cigarette factory where it can be melted down and repackaged as cigarettes. The mob's use of local electrician Toivo proves to be their undoing in a comedy of errors. Estonian with subtitles. 99m/C VHS . Peter Oja, Ivo Uukkivi, Milena Gulbe, Monika Mager; D: Ilkka Jarvilaturi; W: Paul Kolsby; C: Rein Kotov.