Cassady, Marsh

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CASSADY, Marsh. American, b. 1936. Genres: Theatre, Novels, How-to books, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Kent State University, Kent, OH, teacher of theater; Montclair State College, Upper Montclair, NJ, teacher of theater; part-time teacher at San Diego State University, Long Island University, and University of California, San Diego, 1985-92; Long Ridge Writers Group, instructor, 1991-93; presents writing workshops. Daily Reporter, Dover, OH, staff reporter, 1960-63; appeared on the syndicated radio program On Location, Cleveland, OH, 1975-77; Los Hombres Press, editor and publisher, 1987-97. Publications: An Introduction to Theatre and Drama, 1975; Theatre: A View of Life, 1982; Characters in Action: A Guide to Playwriting, 1984; Playwriting Step-by-Step, 1985, 2nd edition, 1992; The Book of Scenes for Acting Practice, 1985; Melinda: A Survivor (biography), 1987; Acting Step-by-Step, 1988; The Book of Cuttings for Acting and Directing, 1989; Love Theme with Variations (novel), 1989; Storytelling Step-by-Step, 1990; (with J. Sturkie) Acting It Out: 74 Short Dramas for Conversations with Teenagers, 1990; Alternate Casts (science fiction mystery novel), 1990; (with R.L. Stone and Stephen Richard Smith) Triple Fiction (stories), 1990; Modern One-Act Plays, 1991; Creating Stories for Storytelling, 1991; Perverted Proverbs (humorous stories), 1992; Mind Swap (science fiction novel), 1992; The Theatre and You: A Beginning, 1992; (with Sturkie) Acting It Out Junior, 1992; The Music of Tree Limbs (poems), 1993; Short Plays for Small Casts, 1993; Acting Games, Improvisations, and Exercises, 1993; The Book of Scenes for Aspiring Actors, 1994; The Book of Monologues for Aspiring Actors, 1994; The Art of Storytelling, 1994; Light (novel), 1994; The Times of the Double Star (science fiction mystery novel), 1994; Perverted Proverbs/Sudden Drama (stories and plays), 1994; Playwriting the Easy Way, 1995; Great Scenes from Women Playwrights, 1995; To Ride a Wild Pony (novel), 1996; Tongues of Men and Angels (novella and stories), 1996; Theatre: An Introduction, 1997; Great Scenes from Minority Playwrights, 1997; Funny Business (one-act plays and comedy sketches), 1997; Vampire Wedding (play), Meriwether Publishing, 1998; (with J. Anderson) Newhall, 1998; Ice Cold Moon (vampire novel with audio book), in press. Address: c/o Helen McGrath, 1406 Idaho Ct., Concord, CA 94521, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]