A Bullet for Joey

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A Bullet for Joey ★½ 1955

Fifties red scare flick. American physicist Carl Macklin (Dolenz) is teaching in Montreal. Gangster Joey Victor (Raft) has been hired to kidnap Macklin, unaware that the commies are behind the snatch. A couple of murders bring Inspector Raoul Leduc (Robinson) onto the scene and he soon tags Joey, who turns patriotic when he discovers he's being used by reds. 85m/B DVD . Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, Peter Van Eyck, Joseph (Joe) Vitale, George Dolenz, Audrey Trotter, Bill Bryant, John Cliff; D: Lewis Allen; W: Daniel Mainwaring, A(lbert) I(saac) Bezzerides; C: Harry Neuman; M: Harry Sukman.

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A Bullet for Joey

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