A Boy called Hate

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A Boy Called Hate ★★ 1995 (R)

Troubled teen Steve (Caan)—whose nickname is “Hate” after his tattoo—lives with his divorced dad in an L.A. suburb. Steve's on a latenight motorcycle ride, taking potshots at billboards with his trusty handgun, when he stumbles onto what he thinks is an attempted rape. So Steve shoots at the rapist, Richard (Gould), and takes off with would-be victim Cindy (Crider). Turns out Richard is the assistant D.A. and he tells the cops he's been robbed, so the teen duo are now on the run. Familiar tale with some good twists and believable performances. Caan is the son of James (seen in a cameo as the dad). Debut for director Marcus. 98m/C VHS . Scott Caan, Missy (Melissa) Crider, Elliott Gould, Adam Beach; Cameos: James Caan; D: Mitch Marcus; W: Mitch Marcus; C: Paul Holahan.

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A Boy called Hate

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