A Bridge too Far

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A Bridge Too Far ★★ 1977 (PG)

A meticulous re-creation of one of the most disastrous battles of WWII, the Allied defeat at Arnhem in 1944. Misinformation, adverse conditions, and overconfidence combined to prevent the Allies from capturing six bridges that connected Holland to the German border. 175m/C VHS, DVD . GB Sean Connery, Robert Redford, James Caan, Michael Caine, Elliott Gould, Gene Hackman, Laurence Olivier, Ryan O'Neal, Liv Ullmann, Dirk Botheir garde, Hardy Kruger, Arthur Hill, Edward Fox, Anthony Hopkins, Maximilian Schell, Denholm Elliott, Wolfgang Preiss, Nicholas (Nick) Campbell, Christopher Good, John Ratzenberger, Colin Farrell; D: Richard Attenborough; W: William Goldman; C: Geoffrey Unsworth; M: John Addison. British Acad. '77: Support. Actor (Fox); Natl. Soc. Film Critics '77: Support. Actor (Fox).