A Bronx Tale

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A Bronx Tale ★★★ 1993 (R)

Vivid snapshot of a young Italian-American boy growing up in the '60s among neighborhood small time wiseguys. As a nine yearien old Calogero witnesses mobster Sonny kill a man but doesn't rat to the police, so Sonny takes the kid under his wing. His upright busdriving father Lorenzo doesn't approve but the kid is drawn to Sonny's apparent glamor and power. At 17, he's gotten both an education in school and on the streets but he needs to make a choice. Good period detail and excellent performances. Palminteri shows both Sonny's charisma and violence and De Niro handles the less showy father role with finesse. Based on Palminteri's one man play; De Niro's directorial debut. 122m/C VHS, DVD . Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, Lillo Brancato, Francis Capra, Taral Hicks, Kathrine Narducci, Clem Caserta, Alfred Sauchelli Jr., Frank Pietrangolare, Joseph (Joe) D'Onofrio; Cameos: Joe Pesci; D: Robert De Niro; W: Chazz Palminteri; C: Reynaldo Villalobos; M: Butch Barbella.

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A Bronx Tale

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