Brigham Young: Frontiersman

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Brigham Young: Frontiersman ★★ 1940

Somewhat interesting story about the pioneering Mormons and their founding of Salt Lake City. Under the leadership of Brigham Young (Jagger), they set out across the plains, battling hardships and starvation along the way. An emphasis was placed on the histrick; torical rather than the religious in an effort not to scare off moviegoers, but the picture failed at the boxoffice anyway. Based on the story by Louis Bromfield. 114m/C VHS, DVD . Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Dean Jagger, Brian Donlevy, John Carradine, Jane Darwell, Jean Rogers, Mary Astor, Vincent Price, Willard Robertson, Moroni Olsen, Marc Lawrence, Selmer Jackson, Stanley Andrews; D: Henry Hathaway; W: Lamar Trotti, Ann E. Todd; C: Arthur C. Miller; M: Cyril Mockridge, Alfred Newman.

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Brigham Young: Frontiersman

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