Brandenberg, Franz

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BRANDENBERG, Franz. Swiss, b. 1932. Genres: Children's fiction. Publications: I Once Knew a Man, 1970; Fresh Cider and Pie, 1973; A Secret for Grandmother's Birthday, 1975: No School Today, 1975: A Robber! A Robber!, 1976; l Wish I Was Sick Too!, 1976; Nice New Neighbors, 1977; What Can You Make of It?, 1977: A Picnic, Hurrah!, 1978: Six New Students, 1978; Everyone Ready? 1979: It's Not My Fault, 1980; Leo and Emily series, 4 vols., 1981-88; Aunt Nina series, 3 vols. 1983-88; Otto Is Different, 1985: The Hit of the Party, 1985; Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, 1986; What's Wrong with a Van?, 1987; A Fun Weekend, 1991. Address: 17 Regent's Park Terrace, London NWl 7ED, England.