Brain Damage

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Brain Damage ★★ 1988 (R)

A tongue-in-bloody-cheek farce about a brain-sucking parasite. The parasite in question, Aylmer, addicts our dubious hero to the euphoria induced by the blue liquid the parasite injects into his brain, paving the way for the bloody mayhem that follows. Poor shadow of Henenlotter's far-superior “Basket Case.” In fact, it even includes an inside-joke cameo by Van Hentenryck, reprising his “Basket Case” character; look for him on the subway. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Rick Herbst, Gordon MacDonald, Jennifer Lowry, Theo Barnes, Lucille Saint Peter, Kevin Van Hentenryck, Beverly Bonner; D: Frank Henenlotter; W: Frank Henenlotter; C: Bruce Torbet; M: Gus Russo, Clutch Reiser; V: John Zacherle.