brain disorder

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brain disorder Disturbances of physical or mental function due to abnormality or disease of the brain. Brain disorders should be distinguished from psychological (psychogenic) mental disturbances in which the functioning of the brain itself is not impaired. Brain disorders are associated with impairment of memory, orientation, comprehension and judgment, and also by shallowness of emotional expression. Secondary personality changes may occur, depending upon such factors as the strength and type of personality and the amount of psychological and social stress present. Brain disorders are divided into two types. Acute disorders are temporary, and are generally due to disruption of brain function rather than destruction of brain tissue. They may be caused by such things as infection, drug or alcohol intoxication, and brain trauma. Chronic brain disorders are irreversible, and include such things as congenital defects, hereditary diseases, senility, and brain damage. See also brain damage; congenital disorder