The Boys and Girl from County Clare

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The Boys and Girl From County Clare ★★½ The Boys From County Clare 2003

Set in the 1960s, Liverpool businessman Jimmy (Meaney) returns to his home in Ireland after 24 years to compete in the annual Celli music festival, which brings him into direct conflict with his long-estranged older brother John Joe (Hill). Soon enough the brothers are fighting about music and Maisie (Bradley), who Jimmy deserted for life in Liverpool. Meanwhile their bands are doing everything they can to sabotage each other, and Jimmy's flutist (Evans) is falling for John Joe's fiddler (Corr). Lighthearted comedy/drama uses traditional Irish music as a backdrop for an appealing but routine sibling rivalry story. 90m/C DVD . GB IR GE Bernard Hill, Colm Meaney, Charlotte Bradley, Stephen Brennan, Andrea Corr, Eamon Owens, Shaun Evans, Phil Barantini, Patrick Bergin; D: John Irvin; W: Nicholas Adams; C: Thomas Burstyn; M: Fiachra Trench.