The Bourne Ultimatum

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The Bourne Ultimatum ★★★½ 2007 (PG-13)

In this third (and final?) chapter Jason Bourne (Damon) continues his search for clues to to his past with Treadstone, the mothballed facility where he was trained him. Now CIA official Vosen (Strathairn) wants to revive the project, and assigns agent Lundy (Allen) to eliminate Bourne. Meanwhile, Bourne is outmaneuvering cops, feds, spooks, and Interpol agents in Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Tangier, London, and New York. Smart, tense, and frenetic, with excellent performances from all involved. The only drawback is the confusion-and nausea-inducing camera work during the action sequences. 111m/C DVD, HD DVD . US Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Paddy Considine, Edgar Ramirez, Scott Glenn, Albert Finney, Tom Gallop, Corey Johnson, Daniel Bruhl, Colin Stinton, Joey Ansah; D: Paul Greengrass; W: Tony Gilroy, Scott Burns, George Nolfi; C: Oliver Wood; M: John Powell. Oscars '07: Film Editing, Sound, Sound FX Editing; British Acad. '07: Film Editing, Sound.

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The Bourne Ultimatum

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