The Bourne Supremacy

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The Bourne Supremacy ★★★ 2004 (PG-13)

Warning! The easily-queasy should be wary of the hand-held camera work and quick edits of the action sequences. Amnesiac CIA-trained assassin Jason Bourne (Damon) is now living quietly with girlfriend Marie (Potente) when he's targeted for death by Russian bad guys and made the patsy for a Berlin hit on a couple of agents. CIA officer Landy (Allen) and her boss (Cox) try to reel Bourne in while he tries to figure out just who wants him dead this time (and why). The non-stop action moves from India to Berlin to Amsterdam to Moscow, and while the plot eventually turns out to be simple enough, the chases are not. Damon once again proves adept as an action man while making Bourne an intelligent and oddly sympathetic character. Loosely adapted from the second book of Robert Ludlum's Bourne trilogy. 109m/C VHS, DVD, UMD, HD DVD . US Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Marton Csokas, Gabriel Mann, Karel Roden, Julia Stiles, Karl Urban, Tomas Arana, Tim Griffin, Michelle Monaghan, Tom Gallop, John Bedford Lloyd, Ethan Sandler, Oksana Akinshina; D: Paul Greengrass; W: Tony Gilroy; C: Oliver Wood; M: John Powell.